Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rachel's Shower

The next day in our week of festivities was Friday and it was Rachel's shower in Orem. So I went back down so Christina and Ashley and I could get to work on it. Ashley & Christina were bridesmaids so it worked out great to have them host it at Christina's house the night before the wedding when alot of the family would be in town. We actually spent all of Friday morning shopping and getting Christina's wedding outfit done. That was fun but we spent too much time I guess. After lunch we hit Costco and a few other stores to get all the food for the shower. We spent what was left of the afternoon making fabulous food:
We had a really good time with the food making it so pretty and special for Rachel. Even Benjy was a kitchen helper. The theme was Rachel's "Sweet New Life" so we had a big candy buffet to eat too. We had so much stuff. Since it was dinner time we wanted to make sure everyone had enough to eat!! Lets just say we had plenty to spare.
Laura & Rachel trying to decide where to start.
We played a couple of fun games. You might notice Jeff in the background there in the red shirt. Well he was trying to get my video camera to work on the computer or the TV for the how well do you know each other game. He slaved away but we just couldn't do it with out the firewire darn it. I gotta say Jeff was a rock star that afternoon. He worked so hard to help us get ready. He was our slave for anything we needed even assembling food in the kitchen. Just when we thought we weren't going to get ready in time Rachel and her cousin came and pitched right in too. Jeff and dad and all the guys went to Buffalo Wild Wings for their party while we had our shower. What a team effort. Anyways back to the shower. After the games we enjoyed watching her open her presents.

 The quilt that Grandma Davy made. It's a Hawaiian pattern and she knew Jeff liked Hawaii.

Here' the quilt I made for them.

The party girls!!
 A cute set from Shelie Jensen for their home.

And the fun stuff...

One last quilt.
She got lots of lovely stuff. It was a very fun night and another chance for both sides of the family to meet each other and get to know each family better. That night after all was over Mendis and I drove the cake up to SLC. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it in the car. It was hilarious because to fit it in I had to put the passenger seat totally down and everything. It was sliding around a bit so even though it was about midnight it was a scarey ride. I was praying I didn't have to slam the brakes on for anything or it would be trashed. The cake spent the night in the front seat of the car until I could get it into the JSB the next morning at 9. Man was I ever relieved when that was done!!

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Jolynn said...

All I can say is Wow again..... you are so talented. That shower spread looks amazing! I mean, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Good job!