Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reunion @ Flagstaff

Feb 25/26 was such a fun weekend. Mendis and I drove down to Flagstaff to meet up with my friend from high school...Sheila...her husband Louie and her 3 children and their friends. We stopped off in Vegas so Mendis could get fitted for his tux for the wedding on the way but then hustled right on down to Flagstaff. It's been about 23 years since we had been there and oddly enough back then it was to take Sheila & Louie to the Grand Canyon! When we got to our hotel we discovered that they had already paid for it so we took them all out to dinner. We went to the Outback in Flagstaff and enjoyed a lovely meal.After dinner we headed back to their condo and visited for hours more. She brought up names of people I had not thought of in so many years. It sounded like everyone back in Shelburne was doing well. I have to admit hearing about everyone again made me miss them all again. SO you I think Sheila looks just the same as she did in high school. Really I mean it she does look exactly the same.

Louie looks great too with a bit more grey hair. He is the nicest guy and it was so nice to visit with them both again. We picked right up as if we had only been away for a few weeks. What a good friend. They are both great parents and have really nice kids. Who knew they would be playing hockey, riding motor cross and riding horses constantly. They had made a life following their kids from event to event exactly like we have over the years. The only difference is they were different events.
It was a really fun night and we said good bye and promised to not wait another 23 years to get together. Now that every one's family is getting older I know we can make it happen!
We decided to spend the next day driving home by the Grand Canyon since it had been so long. It was so fun because as you can see there was still snow on the ground. We have never been there in the winter so it was so fun. We decided we both have really BAD memories because we remembered there was no trees on the south rim. Wow were we ever wrong. It was really beautiful with lots of pine trees everywhere. We were amazed. The coolest thing was there is a road that closes for auto traffic the end of February so we just got there in time to check it out. It was gorgeous. We loved the park so much we spent the whole day there and wished we had more time. It took forever to drive it but only missed little bits along the way since we were running out of time. Then to celebrate that there was no one in the back seat whining to get back home we decided to take the long way and drive all the way around through Utah to get back home. About an hour before we got to Jacob's Lake we ran out of daylight.It was really quite cold and there was lots of snow up there. Just beautiful though. It was an awesome weekend and we had so much fun we wish we could do it all over again.

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