Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wedding Week Begins

Well time for the WEDDING WEEK posts:
Since it was my job to make the wedding cake I decided it would be best for me to get up to SLC asap and get started on my little project. I left Tuesday night with a car load of stuff for the cake, loads of stuff for the shower and loads of stuff for the wedding and reception. Mendis drove up the next day with Delmar since they had business meetings to attend that week. 
 I had baked the cakes at home but I wanted to make some fondant ruffles and had never done anything like that. I watched a couple of youtube videos at home so I had a basic idea of what I wanted to do but that's it. So I spent Wednesday in SLC looking for a certain powder that would make fondant like gumpaste so I could do this ruffling technique. Well there was only 1 store in all of SLC or Provo that carried this powder and that was a store called Orson Gygi's. 

I never made the connection until I got there and saw the store sign. And let me just say it is the motherland of kitchen stores. Orson Gygi is actually the uncle to Rachel's Grandfather or at least I think that's how it goes. I talked to the staff but dang it no family discount was offered hahaha. I spent hours in there wandering around trying no spend every dime I had ever made in my lifetime. They have absolutely everything you wold ever need in any kitchen. Man it was fun. They obviously have cooking classes there and I am all over that when I recover from the wedding!
So that evening we checked into our hotel in SLC and hurried over to the Temple so we could be there when Rachel went through. It was really a lovely night. Afterwards we had dinner with Delmar at PF Chang's. It was a great day that helped me rest up for the next one.
Thursday was wedding cake day. I had to drove back down to Orem so I could do this at Christina's house. There was so much construction on the I-15 that week that it was terrible driving back and forth. The cake took forever. The ruffling didn't go as quickly as I thought it would but by 4ish I was about done!
This is a view from the back and you really can't see much of anything. I was so tired and rushed I didn't get a picture from the front or any detail or anything...what was I thinking? SO I booked it out of there and rushed up to Salt Lake. I had to swing by our hotel and get Mendis and then we rushed up to Ogden to have dinner with the Gygi family. I say rushed because once again the traffic through the construction was herrendous. I couldn't leave any earlier though because I had to finish the cake! You can't leave fondant in the middle of a project. Meanwhile Ashley was driving up to Orem from Delta as fast as she could so her and Christina could join us in Ogden for dinner. Craziness. They would have been right behind us but hit major slowdowns on the freeway. 

Thank goodness the Gygi's are patient because they waited forever for us to all get there. So after the rush was over we enjoyed a great dinner together.

After dinner they took us to Farr's Ice Cream in North Ogden for another treat. We had the best ice cream and I was introduced to black licorice. It sounds nasty but it was so creamy and mild and divine. As you can see Jeff & Rachel enjoyed it. It was a crazy busy couple of days but it wasn't about to slow down yet...

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Jolynn said...

Oh my word!!! I don't see how you survived such a stressful few days! Seriously. I hope those two newlyweds totally appreciate you!