Monday, April 16, 2012

Mom & Dad are Back AND Jeff & Rachel Visit

How this works is Mom & Dad come to our house for a couple of weeks and then they head down to California to spend the exact same number of days with Carolyn and her family. They are always so concerned with making it equal! None of us is that worried about it but they count the days out. So after the allotted time they came back on their way north.
Jeff & Rachel came down for President's Day weekend and it just happened to be the same time as Mom & Dad came. So during the weekend Rachel & I got their invitations ready to mail out. It was quite funny because our dang printer wouldn't work at all the way we wanted it to. It took most of Saturday to get the envelopes and the Temple cards done. When it was finished we treated ourselves and took the 6 of us out to dinner. We know everyone likes a buffet and since Rachel had never been to one we decided to show her how it's done. We decided to go to the Winn Buffet for a change and check it out. Mom had wanted to see the Winn so it worked out. Best decision ever!! The buffet was absolutely fabulous. We really loved it. It was super expensive but we thought it was worth the extra money. We were all impressed. Mom was swooning I think over the food. Okay maybe we all were...Here we are looking silly enjoying dinner.They don't look silly but enjoying dinner.

I loved the gourmet salads in the individual cups and copied that for Rachel's shower.
I didn't get a picture but they had alot of the desserts in little individual cups that were all way cool shapes so I copied that for the open house dessert bar too!! I love copying.
The place was huge and not overrun with a million people. Loved that.

We thought is was quite beautiful and had a delightful evening.
We even managed to take a couple of great pictures afterward out in the Winn. Loved the lights and copied that for the open house too. hahahahah

Our fun filled weekend didn't last forever though darn it. Before too long Jeff & Rachel had to leave and mom & dad decided to hit the road all at the same time. Mendis' mom had shoulder surgery so we decided to go up and see how she was doing and wish Mendis' dad a happy birthday at the same time. Jeff & Rachel went to Cedar City too on their way back to Idaho and mom & dad did too and left for Canada from there.

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Jolynn said...

Okay, normally I detest buffets, but you have me convinced that we need to try this one. It looks (and sounds) really cool. If you can Mendis can scrounge up the money again, let's go sometime this summer!