Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wedding Prep Part 2

 The new blogger style is driving me nuts. I can't put things where I want them so this post will be a learning experience aka a mess! Mendis and I spent all month out back getting the yard ready to go for the Open House. We had planters to finish, areas to clean up. He was still pouring walls and stuff too. I spent lots of bucks on flowers and did some replanting all over the front and the back. It's amazing how many flowers it takes to look like you did anything at all. I had to hand water these babies for a month until Mendis turned the water up on them.

I restored this old park bench. I sanded it and repainted the wood and the iron to clean it up. It's about half done here:
 I restained this old fence too because it was looking pretty shabby. That took much longer than I thought it would too but it was well worth the effort.

Jolynn spent an afternoon with me after work one day and we strung lights in the three trees in our back yard. Also easier said than done. It took us forever and it took tons of lights. She lent me all of her lights and thankfully Charlie lent me tons of his. I had kept all our white lights out from Christmas for this fun little project. We barely had enough even with all these. Of course many of them didn't work so that was a bummer. There were 2 more boxes I didn't even take a picture of so lots of little white lights.

 Most of my time was spent on this garden. I had months of weeding to catch up on out there. Tons of replanting to do and then mulching it all with bark. I bet there was a dozen blags of bark in this baby. Cutting back the rosemary was fun because it was always full of bees so I had to wait until dark to work on that because I am allergic to bee stings. I eradicated 2 wasp nests while I was at it. I think we went through 4 bottle of hornet/wasp spray this spring alone. Those suckers are everywhere!

 Some of the lights on the trees after we finished.

 Mendis spent alot of time finishing these 2 planter boxes for me. Eventually they will be filled with lantana but until then we filled them with lights. It was quite pretty when we finished.
Here are a few pics of the back yard over the years...kinda fun

Now for the really old stuff:


 And Done:

Of course we will never truly be finished but we are getting much closer!!

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Jolynn said...

Wow! Quite a transformation! It was kind of fun to see how your yard has evolved. And, just like ours, it will probably never be really finished!