Friday, April 20, 2012

Wedding Prep- Part 1

So this is totally out of order which is sooooo not my style. But since it is what is consuming me right now I wanted to do it. Heck I will just change the posting date later and put it where it belongs if I ever catch up.
So I have spent most waking minutes getting ready for Jeff & Rachel's wedding for pretty much months now. But anyone who knows me, knows this is really my passion. I LOVE weddings and I love organizing and throwing a bash so I am pumped!This looks like a total disaster but I assure you it's very organized. Since Hayden is gone his room is now the wedding staging room hahahah. I am keeping lots of stuff in here so I can keep it together and find it when I need it.
This was fun putting these together for centerpieces for the open house. Those lanterns had gotten so filthy outside for two years so I had to start by scrubbing them up. I couldn't find navy candles that I could afford so Ashley gave me the great idea to spray paint them. Peach pebbles finish them up. So excited to be able to use candles for once. Since it's in my back yard I can do what I want!
Some of the candy I have accumulated for the candy buffet. Navy and peach candy is not so easy to find. Well sure I can special order a bunch for a king's ransom so I found what I could and added orange and royal to the mix. Now there's tons.
More stuff ready to go.
Believe it or not this is more candy. This is ear marked for the shower.

One of the things I am most excited about are these miniature dessert dishes. I finally found some online. They are going to be filled with yummy treats to eat for the open house. This is where Cheryl and Lori come in! Faithful friends. I want to work on them so bad I have to get everything done so I can help!!
SO I am pretty much ready.
I have to gather my cake stuff so I can take that up to Utah to make the wedding cake next week. Tote shower stuff up and whatever we need for the wedding and reception. Now you see why 2 cars is going to be such a help for me.
I have to get the inside of the house ready in case the weather is bad. So that has been fun. The carpets are finally clean...
Inside windows done (outside is going to be a nightmare). Plants all washed (thanks mom & dad). Pillars repainted. Curtains washed. Just basic cleaning like bathrooms, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, getting sheets & towels washed and ready left I think. Not to mention cooking and making cupcakes and stuff. That's fun stuff...Not looking forward to ceiling fans though.
So I finally finished their quilts this week. Blue yellow brick road adaptation was actually started about 7 -8 years ago. I knew it would be for one of my kids but I didn't know which one at the time. I did finish piecing the top a couple of years ago so it wasn't as bad as it sounds! The binding took days as you can imagine since that sucker is huge. I finished binding in the kitchen surrounded by furniture as the carpets were drying for 2 days.

A closer look. Not too close or you will see the flaws. I love it. Hopefully they will.
I want to make each child 2 quilts when they get married. One nice one and one casual one that they can throw on the ground if they want and I won't have a come apart. So for the second quilt I finally made a tshirt quilt. I have never done one so I think it turned out pretty good for my first attempt. I love the shirts he picked out. The best part is the awesome pirate fabric I found online for the sashing strips and the back. Very cool.

Wait until I show you what's been going on outside the house!...part 2

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Jolynn said...

The quilts look great! Good job. I forgot how much you love being the wedding planner! I wondered why you weren't stressing out to the max, but that explains it...... you're actually having FUN! Strange.