Thursday, April 19, 2012

San Diego

Feb 29-March 5 Mendis had business in San Diego.I got to go with them because they were driving. I took the time off work and was so excited to go.

We stayed at the Westin Hotel in the Gaslamp district.
It was under construction so when we pulled up you could hear the jack hammers going all around us.....great. The hilarious thing was yo never knew how you would be getting over to the elevators because they kept changing the route everyday while they painted and stuff. We walked most everywhere because parking was a nightmare. It was fine though because it helped us stay in shape and everything was right there close by anyway.

We did drive around downtown the first night and get the lay of the land though. We saw Petco park and lots of fun streets with restaurants everywhere.

They all had outdoor seating on the sidewalk and were so fun. The food was fabulous. We ate some place new every night.

One of the most fun was the night we had Persian food. I have always wondered what it was like. We really enjoyed it. Very mild and yummy.

I got these yummy ribs and saffron rice..delightful.

During one of our walks we found this and came back every single night!

I bought a bunch of chocolate for the open house. Man it was good!

Friday I got together with Carolyn for the day. We went to Balboa Park and Old Town.
I have never been to Old Town so I was looking forward to that. We strolled around and shopped ...delightful again.
I thought the Old School House was charming. They did such a good job restoring it.
The Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center. Again another first for me. It was really cool. They did an awesome job with it.
Carolyn and I at the Mormon Battalion.
After a fab lunch we headed down to Balboa Park. We went to the air and space museum which as it turns out was a children's museum. Of course we discovered that after we spent all that money to get in there. We got tickets to the Omnimax show too. The first 5 minutes was great but then we both fell asleep!!
On Saturday Mendis and I headed over to the Midway. We probably spent a good 4 hours there and didn't get to see everything. We saw the ship pretty thoroughly but we didn't get to all the planes on the air deck. That was okay because we were getting a bit tired of it after all those hours anyway.

Saturday night Brent & Carolyn drove down and we went out to dinner together. We went to a fabulous little Italian restaurant right down the street. Parking their Yukon was a treat!! SO glad it wasn't me. Of course we finished off our meal with a trip to Ghirardelli again. We had some awesome meals in San Diego. Sunday we all went together to this amazing restaurant across the bay right on the water. Here's the view from there.
So Monday on our way home we got the phone call from Hayden. HE was at the airport ready to fly out to Chile. We got to talk for over an hour and then he got to call again from Atlanta. It was so fun to hear from him. He was doing great and was ready to get going on the mission!!
A great trip. I think next year is New Orleans so I am already looking forward to that one. The only bummer is Mendis has to take all these classes so he doesn't get to run around all the time but we did pretty good.

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