Monday, May 7, 2012

The Wedding

March 24 was here ready or not. Surprisingly we were actually pretty ready! Jeff hustled off to the Temple while Mendis & I got the cake out of the car and delivered finally!! We headed over to the Temple and had lots of wait time. I snuck into the Bride's room to see Rachel who was looking beautiful but a little nervous. We all piled into the waiting area and waited and waited until it was finally our turn to head up into the sealing room. We had the biggest room but they still had to bring in lots of extra chairs and benches for everyone to sit on. They don't let anyone stand in back in that Temple so we crammed right on in. The sealing was lovely. By this time both Rachel & Jeff looked pretty nervous. Maybe it was all the people.
After the sealing we all waited outside for them to come out.
Cooper looked awesome in his little suit!

After a forever wait they finally came out to see millions of people who had been waiting for them.

We spent hours taking pictures. There are some gorgeous pictures so it's hard to pick. I think I will just do reception and formal pictures on the next post. So these are just a few of my favorites.
All the Grooms side of the family

See. Way to many to pick a favorite. I love them all!!

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