Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Reception

Jeff & Rachel had their reception on the ninth floor in the Joseph Smith Building. The view was incredible from there. We all met together first for the formal pictures before the start of the reception. We were all actually pretty wiped out at this point but luckily you can't tell too much.

Here is a collection of great pictures. I couldn't choose so you get lots:
Jeff and the Guys

Rachel hanging out with the Men

The Bridal Party

Rachel and her Girls

With my Mom & Dad

3 of 4!!

Father & Son

Love this one!!
The Cake

The View by the end of the Evening
 It was a very lovely reception. It was super nice to just show up and have the details taken care of so nicely. Only a couple of hiccups...the dessert ran out before everyone got one. Probably because around here we are used to all you can eat buffets and desserts are always the highlight. The other thing worked out thank goodness. I ate a crabcake by mistake! I am deathly allergic to shellfish but luckily didn't have a major reaction. The last thing I wanted was a trip to the emergency room to top off the day. So we took boxes of leftovers back to our room later and had a party with Charlie & Alisha before we crashed for the night.
What a great day...we love you Jeff & Rachel and are so happy for you!

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