Friday, May 11, 2012

The Open House

Whew almost finished with wedding events. Finally March 31 arrived and it was time for the open house for Jeff and Rachel at our house.
Rachel braved the outdoors and spent all Saturday afternoon between conference sessions chalking hearts all the way up the sidewalk for me. It was adorable (thank you Pinterest). We knew first thing Saturday that there was no way the open house could be held outside with teh gale that was blowing out there. 30mph steady winds. So we spent the afternoon taking all the furniture out of the living room and family room and dragging the patio furniture inside. I sisn't think it was too bad but that's easy for me to say because I didn't move it all. So we got the inside all prettied up:

Here is Cooper helping us out.
The front entrance was all ready to go including the sign in book that wasn't ready for the reception the week before.

I borrowed these awesome doors from Nancy Leavitt. Pretty much the whole valley has used them now I think.
At night the glowing orbs I made looked really cool...thanks pinterest again!
Some of the desserts

...and more desserts...

You can't have all desserts without including a Candy Buffet

Getting it ready to go
I think we can agree the food makes the party. A huge shout out to my friends Lori & Cheryl for making tons of mini desserts for me. The ladies at the office made me tons of cake balls too. Everything was delicious. We had a fun time that night visiting with everyone that came. With so much help cooking and setting up it wasn't too hard to do either. We were glad to do it for Jeff & Rachel.

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Jolynn said...

Everything looks gorgeous. Those desserts look amazing. And the candy goodness it all just looks so fab! Good job.