Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adios to the Gingerbread Houses!

New Years Eve Day it was time for the annual house shoot em up party! We always look forward to this day because it's alot of fun and I love it because it means I get my counter top back. One week is my limit of no room in my kitchen. So we loaded them up and off we went to blast them up. We started with the 22s and then we moved up to the shotguns to totally finish them off.
I can't believe I didn't get pics of everyone that was there this year. Apparently I was too concerned with getting pictures of the houses in various stages of blasting mess. So sorry Christina and LeShae I know you were there but no one else does I guess. OOps.

And here is the final result:

Not much left to clean up which is the idea after all.


Jolynn said...

Looks pretty fun. Did you shoot too?

Super Coopers said...

of course!