Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

This year for New Year's Eve we had my sister Carolyn and her family here with us because the next day was Hayden's farewell. They arrived around dinner time so we just started our party when they got here. We spent the night gorging on snacks and meat/roll sandwiches and more treats. I am not sure what the kids did while Carilyn and I worked on food for the dinner the next day pretty much all night long. We made Cafe Rio dressing, shredded pork and chicken, fried tortilla bowls and finished up all the food prep! Whew long night. The kids amused themselves with games and TV and grand kids! The men had all night to visit and catch up then had leftover time to solve the world problems. It was a very pleasant night. It sounds like we were crazy busy but it was just fun to chat and work all night.
We took time out to do our countdown at midnight and watch fireworks on TV.

I almost forgot to drag out the party favors and hats I bought just for the event...whew!!

Bunch of Party Animals!!

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