Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jeff & Rachel are Getting Married!

I know there are still a few of you that don't have facebook (kinda shocking this day and age). So I know you are anxiously awaiting some pictures of Jeff and Rachel and last night's proposal so I did what anyone would do and stole them right off of facebook so you can see too.

Jeff has been gathering ideas for a few days now and we chimed in with a few. They knew they wanted to get married and had looked at rings but she didn't know when it was coming exactly. They talked to her dad so they were ready for the ring. So Jeff took some of the pictures of them together when they were dating and hung them on this tree. Earlier he had taken a picture of this tree so he hung that up and then he hung up the ring behind it. The one thing I told him he had to have was a secret photographer to capture the moment for them to keep. So he enlisted Travis and Blake so I don't know how secret it ended up being. Apparently Blake was doing the army crawl along the carpet for this shot but hey he did an awesome job. Jeff said those two went nuts with the cameras! Love it and can't wait to see those. Jeff was planning on waiting a few days but Rachel had to work on the planned day so he decided what the heck I have everything I need and did it that night.

This is just the sweetest picture and it made alot of us teary eyed when we saw it. It's a big moment for them both.
Rachel put this picture up so we could see her ring. Jeff had texted me a picture earlier when he picked it up but it was too blurry to see the details. I think it is just gorgeous. Looks like her style totally! Here are some pictures I stole off facebook too!! They make an adorable couple. People are already saying they will have beautiful dark haired children. That will freak them out a bit!!

So we haven't spent tons of time with her but we feel like we have known her long enough to know they will make a great team. She fits right in with our family. We loved her right off and we are so excited to welcome her into our crazy little family. They both will marry up if that's possible. SO sometime in March is all we know for right now. They have to get through their finals before they can sit down and get planning. We'll keep you posted...


Something Special said...

Oh that ring is gorgeous. How happy you must be for them. I did see it on facebook, but am just now getting to your blog post about it. Ty is working on his papers right now. Hope to have his call really soon.

Jolynn said...

Congrats to Jeff and Rachel! The ring is really pretty. How exciting! They do make a cute couple.