Saturday, December 3, 2011

MoVinG DAy for CHriStInA

How exciting...Christina moved into a new and I mean Brand spankin new townhouse! Since she has been living in an unfurnished apartment she has been collecting furniture along the way and needed a truck to move so up we went. We went through a blinding snow storm on the way which was fun. It took us an hour and a half to go from LeVan to Utah County so it was slow going. The wipers were yucky and the heater wasn't working so it was an adventure!! The snow was coming down at warp speed. Hayden came up with us to give a hand and do his mission clothes shopping during our mid day break. We hit up Mr Mac and got a heck of a missionary deal and knocked out pretty much all his clothes shopping and had fun doing it too.
Christina's new place is huge. So should have taken some pictures before we trashed the place moving her in but his will have to do. We need some pictures of her place with her all finished moving in to finish this up.
Loved her closet. IT is enormous!! This pic only shows about half of it.I was itching to start color coding her clothes but we didn't have that kind of time darn it.
Here is her room with everything just heaped up in there. It took her forever to sort through and organize it but she likes that stuff just like me. She has a big room in the basement where she shares a bathroom with her friend.
Here are the guys moving in her washer and dryer but it gives you a peak at their living room.

This is Christina's and Lyndsey's own living room down stairs. They have 2. We are just piling stuff up in here too for now.
This is their kitchen with dining room. It is awesome and was so nice and clean before we filled it up with Christina's stuff.
And this is her fabulous view from the dining room and living room. Behind the pond is a golf course! There is a nice balcony right off the dining room that will have a bbq and furniture for them to enjoy.
Like I said the place is huge. This is the hall way from the front door to the living room to give you an idea.
Yup love the view! She should be very happy here. There are rooms for 4 girls but only 3 are there at this point so one more will move in.
After a tiring day of moving we went to dinner at Tuacanos Brazilian Grill where we ran into the Campbell's. Small world.

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Jolynn said...

All I can say is wow. That is one awesome apartment. And that view really is quite lovely. That was super nice of you all to go up and help her move, but you got to eat at Tucano's, so that made it totally worth it!