Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One of my Favorite Gifts

This year I was able to make a quilt for Christmas. I made two small quilts actually so I could keep one for us. I made Mendis' parents this fun quilt as a reminder of all the fun we had in Hawaii a few years ago.It began with a yard sale about a year ago. It was the community wide yard sale and I ran into this sale where they had a ton of authentic Hawaiian shirts that they were selling for a just a few dollars each. They were gorgeous and so fun that I knew I had to have them. Luckily some were huge so there was lots of fabric too. That is when I hatched my plan to make a quilt out of them for my inlaws. I bought about a dozen of them and started cutting them all up. I had so much left over that I decided I could make one for me too. For ours I used the pockets as much as possible and I used the labels too. I thought that might be a little too much for my inlaws. I picked the blue fabric for the back because it reminded me of the pretty blue water over there. I thought it turned out so I nice. I hope they liked it as much as I liked making it for them.

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