Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Project

For some reason I always feel compelled to write about my Christmas projects. I think its because I put some much into it I want to document the effort or maybe because it's just usually pretty. So this years treat for friends and neighbors was cupcakes. I have wanted to do these for quite some time but there are logistical problems. Each batch takes awhile and you want a variety and you also want to deliver them fast so they don't sit around and get stale while you make other batches. So I picked a Saturday and started early and went all day long baking...These are the Eggnog cupcakes with eggnog in the batter and the frosting. They were pretty yummy. I garnished them with fresh grated nutmeg and a cinnamon stick. They were heavier than I though they would be but I still liked them.
Most people liked these the most. They were raspberries with raspberry jam inside and a champagne (flavoring) frosting and raspberry garnish. I saved the fresh raspberries from this summer in my freezer for these and they turned out sooo good.
These may have looked strange but they were peppermint. I used a candy cane kiss in each peppermint cake and made peppermint frosting. They are supposed to be Christmas trees but they look kinda odd.I was going for different but I got very different.
These were soo yummy so probably my favorites actually. These are Reeses cupcakes. The peanut butter cream cheese frosting was simply to die for. Really really good and light and fluffy too. I have little gold glitter hearts and Reeses cut up on top. There are even Reeses inside. Man do I ever want some of these now. This post is killing me for cupcakes. The power of suggestion.

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Jolynn said...

The peanut butter ones were my personal favorites! They were all so yummy though, and pretty too.