Sunday, December 4, 2011


This just goes to show how much catching up I have to do...

Thanksgiving this year was a little different for us because there was just the 4 of us. This was the year for everyone else in the entire family to be at everyone elses homes and not here :(
Even Jeff who wasn't even engaged yet couldn't get enough time off and went to Rachel's family reunion. It was Ashley & Benjy's year to go to Comeau's but because of work had them go to Tonopah. Rob & Beth went to Cedar City and Charlie & Alisha went to Fairview. It was bound to happen sometime. We made the best of it and had a great time just the 4 of us anyway. This was Hayden's last Thanksgiving which he reminded us of frequently.
Christina made the table beautiful as she always does. She helped me cook all day because even with just 4 we have to have the same stuff just not quite as much of it!!
We were hoping with the diets we would cut down a bit this year...nope didn't happen. I made 3 pies and we ate every crumb ourselves! That's quite a bit for just 4 people and 2 who are supposed to be dieting huh.
Hayden demonstrating his perfectly cleaned plate. This was before the second helping and the pomegranate salad of course.
Now the slurping of the salad. This was supposed to be a group pic but I couldn't get everyone in.
The next day Christina and I set out to make her some treats to take back for Christmas presents for her friends and coworkers. We made a bunch of pomegranate jelly which was a huge hit apparently. We tried these homemade suckers that tasted fab but looked weird.
Our best effort was these cute paper cones for her to put the suckers and candies in. We loved them.
Our final activity of the holiday was the annual alumni basketball game. It was really fun to head back up to the gym to watch Hayden play again. His old team turned out in force and the team from 10 years ago to beat the heck out of the current MVHS team. He loved playing around again. SO even with just the 4 of us we managed to have a great Thanksgiving holiday. We kept up all the old traditions and even had the house decorated by the time everyone left.

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