Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

We had a great Christmas Day this year. The little kids slept in until almost 7 so we got kind of a late start for us. In fact Hayden had to wake Rees up! We spent almost an hour opening presents up but judging by the stack under the tree we thought it would take even longer. We were rushing because church was at 9 am. So we dived right in:
Hayden knew he would be getting mission stuff but he didn't expect me to wrap everything up individually. It was great. He actually got sore fingers from unwrapping. Heck I had sore fingers from wrapping!!
Cooper was hilarious. He just laid on the floor with his bottle and rubbed his packages. He was not about to open anything.

Here he is with his presents starting to pile up around him. He pretty much spent the day unwrapping slowly. You can see he is kicking this present.

What an extravaganza. After we tore through the gifts we rushed around and got ready for church. There were scads of people there and it was fun to be with Overton 3rd ward too this year. After Church Mendis and I made our traditional sandwiches that we munched on all day. I have a hard and fast rule that I don't cook on Christmas Day. I love that rule. We just laid around and played with our assorted toys and relaxed and munched. It was a great day.

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