Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hayden's Farewell

SO January 1st dawned early for us. I had pretty much all the dinner stuff ready to go with just a few things left to do that morning like make the rice etc. Sacrament was at 11am so off we went. I had to speak and so did Mendis and of course Hayden. I wasn't too nervous about speaking I just worried about sounding too preachy to everyone. Hayden on the other hand was downright nervous. Can't say that I blame him since they had to open both overflows. There were people everywhere but the funny thing was most of them were visitors. Not tons from our own ward it looked like.
It was nice to see he had so much support but man that was alot of people! We got through it okay I think then rushed home to feed the masses. We were in a hurry because there was another friend farewell that day at 2 so we only had a small
window to feed all the youth.
We had an incredible assembly line going I will say. We did a Cafe Rio day with pork and/or chicken salads! Man it was tasty. We feed everyone pretty smoothly and didn't run out. That was a miracle because we figured we feed more than 65 people that day. It was so fun to have everyone over especially all the youth. We will miss them being around after Hayden leaves.
Some of the gang with their funny faces going on.
Hayden and his buddies.
And of course Hayden and the girls!!

It was super awesome to have family there. All of Mendis' family made it but they always do. My sister and her family were there too and it was so nice to have them there with us. They are so supportive. It stinks that my family is so spread out across the country.
It was wonderful to have all of our kids were there too! (But we missed Rachel) Aweso me party!!
Insert token picture of Grandson here!
Hi Coop!

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