Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Weekend with Chris

I went up to Provo during the Martin Luther King weekend for a couple of reasons. The biggest was to give her her car back and another was to get our car back and finally to have some fun!! Her car had been at the dealer's for a couple of weeks getting an air conditioner problem fixed. They had to totally tear her car apart to find the problem, order the part and fix it. As a result she had to take the Saturn back to Provo after Christmas. When her car was finally finished we needed to perform the great car swap. I had Shannon drop me off in St George then I got her car and drove on up. She was very happy to have her car back!! Very happy indeed. We wanted to get our car back because we had a seller for it waiting patiently to drive it.

The weekend was filled with lots of eating out and playing around.We always love Mimi's.
We met Laura & Rachel my nieces at Zupas for dinner one night.
Those are a few of our favorites restaurants that we hit up. Actually I can't say Dennys is a favorite but we went to Kneaders for breakfast Monday morning and apparently the entire city had the same idea and they ran out of french toast so off we went in search of good food. That's hard when breakfast is over so we figured heck Dennys always has breakfast. It was packed too and pretty ghetto but beggars can't be choosers.
I brought up the last season of Larkrise to Candleford for us to watch. It was bitter sweet when we finished it off. What a great series. We so enjoyed every bit of it. But all was not lost:
I introduced her to the fabulous Downton Abbey. We had finished the first season of that this summer so we did a quick refresher and jumped into season 2. Awesome!! We are both hopelessly hooked and caught up each week biting our nails waiting for the next episode. Saturday after we finished our shopping errands we did two super fun things. The first and no question the best was scoping out the HGTV 2012 Dreamhouse. We were at the mouth of the canyon getting close to turning off when we thought it would be fun to find it since it was so gorgeous out and we wanted to stay out a bit more. I told Chris the house was only in Midway so we decided to try and stalk it. I had gps on my phone so I looked up the name of the subdivision it was built in. It was quite the wild goose chase I must say. They apparently don't want you to find it. So as we are driving out in the boonies Christina yelled out "There It is" and sure enough we had found it.
There was a security guard parked out front so we stayed in the car and drove all around and took pictures of it. What fun we had. I am not sure how to get the pics off my phone yet so I just downloaded these to share. It was super fun and we were in heaven for sure as we planned our house warming party after we win it in 2 short weeks. It was very interesting to see it in real life too. It looks much smaller in person but still gorgeous. The drive way isn't finished yet just enough for pictures and that's it. We know that is to keep stalkers like us out.

We also spent some time in the mall looking for my dress for Jeff & Rachel's wedding. That was fun of course and I have a few good leads. Now it's time to get busy and choose I guess. Time is marching on...


Jolynn said...

I'm so jealous! I would love to see the Dream Home. And like I said,when I win it, I will invite you to stay!

Vicki said...

Zupas is the best! I eat there everytime I go up there.