Sunday, December 6, 2015

Rees' Baptism

Dec 5 was Rees' baptism day. Christina was able to come back home for it as well as Hayden & Megan. In fact, Hayden gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and Christina played the piano. Grandpa & Grandma Cooper were there, Beth & Rob and their girls, Charlie& Alisha and Benjy's parents came down from Delta as well. So Rees had lots of family and also lots of friends there from his ward.
 Here is Rees just before he got baptized.
 After the meeting there was lots of mingling since there was not a ward in the room after us.
 After the baptism we all went to Ashley & Benjy's house for dinner. She had been slaving away for days getting everything ready. It was certainly yummy and hopefully worth all the effort.
I think one of the most fun things that night was the snowball fight after dinner.

Grandma Comeau had brought down these amazing fake snowballs. You can throw them in the house and nothing gets wrecked and no one gets hurt. We all had a blast with those. In fact I went home and bought a bigger bunch of them for us to use at our house for Christmas.

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