Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Valley of Fire Hike

Wednesday we went out to the Valley of Fire to get out of the house and do something active.
 Here's proof that Mendis and I did actually go but we were tired/old enough to miss out on the climbing of the mountain for the incredible vistas portion of the afternoon.
 We just made our own trail and hiked out into what looked like a cool canyon area in the new section of the Valley of Fire and it didn't disappoint.
 Right about here is where the kids lost us. We went about half way up and decided we'd rather wait and see the pictures than go all the way to the top. Wimps that we are!
 Hayden & Meg's GoPro sure came in handy!
It was the perfect afternoon of exercise. Luckily we had just enough time to change our clothes and get ready for the Rebel game that night.

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