Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December Preparations & 1st Annual International Dinner

December was a blur as usual. We had the OPD Christmas party in Mesquite which was a great dinner. We fed the missionaries. We had our home teaching ladies over for dinner and to watch the Christmas Devotional at our house. We had Flag football for Rees. I had lots of shopping to do including my annual shopping day with Jolynn one Saturday too. I had my office Christmas breakfast at Sugar's. I made ten tons of homemade cookie butter and had to get all that delivered to family and friends before the kids arrived. Finally Christmas was here and so were our kids. Jeff & Rachel actually flew into SLC for a wedding and then drove down with Christina. We spent the first few days getting ready for Christmas. 
Monday we went to Don Juan Mexican Restaurant for lunch and then hit the mall so we could get our shopping finished. We shopped until we about dropped, making it a late night. The next day was Mendis' Japanese lunch for all the office that he makes every year for Christmas. So he wanted us to troupe down there for lunch so off we went. We did our Gingerbread house extravaganza the rest of the afternoon. That night since we had Hayden & Megan here we did an international dinner.
Practically everyone contributed a dish. We had shrimps on the barbie from Australia, chips & gravy from Canada, Japanese food galore, Tai curry, and empanadas from Chile. It was an amazing feast! Even the grand kids enjoyed it. Yup a new tradition may have been born.
 That night since we had Hayden & Christina together they did some duets on the piano for us and we sang some Christmas songs. Always a favorite.

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