Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas is Here!

After all the preparations Christmas was finally here.
 We had everyone Ashley & Benjy's family and Christina and Jeff & Rachel and Charlie & Alisha here for dinner. We almost fit at the table. We had to have a kids table but Christina decorated it nice for them too.
 Final prep on dinner!
After dinner we enjoyed some relaxing time until Dane got out the snowballs.
 Christmas Morning was here all too soon. We got up around 8:30 or so and opened presents then had lots of yummy breakfast casseroles for brunch. I made everything in advance so I could be totally lazy on Christmas day!
 We set up a display of our presents in the living room each year. It goes without saying of course that I had the best display! Look at all those presents:
 That afternoon we all went up to Ashley's house. They put on a huge spread of soup and special yummy treats to go with it. We really enjoy the dried fruit especially after all the candy.
After dinner we played games. What a wonderful Christmas. We are all so blessed.

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