Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tea Party Time & Puzzles

We filled every spare minute we had over the holidays with fun. We played games and visited. We watched lots of football. We ate. We did a couple of puzzles together.
This was a fun puzzle. It was a murder mystery we had to solve after the puzzle was put together. We actually had more fun doing the puzzle than figuring out who dunnit. Sunday night us girls decided we just had to have a tea party! We were running out of time to fit in all the things we wanted to do so we made it happen before Christina had to leave. We gathered at Ashley's so the kids could be in bed.
 We broke out the china and treats and watched the new Cinderella movie.
 Here's just a few of our tiny treats. We had such fun loading up. We had Ashley, Rachel, Christina and Alisha and I there and then Rachel Hickman came over after we were a ways into the movie so we figured what the heck and started it all over again. It was her first tea party! We stayed up way too late. I think it was about two am before we hit the hay that night.

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