Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve

It's pretty traditional for our family to go out to Chinese food for dinner either on New Year's Eve or New year's Day. This year we went to the Panda Garden in Mesquite.Thank goodness we didn't see a report on dirty dining featuring this restaurant until February!!
Ok we can be honest here. We really needed Christina our selfie master!!
We were a little bit concerned that the grand kids might not like the food. We needn't have worried because they were champs and tried lots of it. We got quite a kick out of watching Cooper use his chopsticks!
We ate and ate until there was nothing left. Then we loaded everyone up and went back to our house and played games together. Ashley & Benjy and the kids called it a night early. They were tired from running into Vegas early that morning for a Dr appointment. Jeff & Rachel were tired from getting up there early to babysit. We were still tired and sore from the hike. So we had a mini midnight around nine and off they went. We somehow managed to stay up until midnight but it was hard. We were pooped from all the excitement from the week I think.

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