Monday, November 30, 2015


What a fun time Thanksgiving was! We got to have Christina, Hayden & Megan here the whole holiday. In fact because of an upcoming storm Christina even arrived early. Sweet. The only bummer was Hayden & Megan were sick for most of it but they didn't let it slow them down. I put Hayden in charge of making a fort out of the BBQ box for the last hurrah before we through it away. 
He liked doing that as much as I thought he would.
 Notice the binocular style peepholes he included.
 I had lots of help making dinner. But it still took all Wednesday and Thursday of course by the time you make pies. Probably the most fun was decorating and setting my new table!
So we had a small group this year. But the good news is we all fit at the table.

After dinner it was finally time for Rees to open his presents. His birthday was officially on Thanksgiving this year. How special to have a crowd there just for him.
Go Rees Go
We played our own little football game in the backyard after dinner. That was pretty hilarious. Everyone got to play but Ashley. I wish I had some pictures of that fiasco!
After dinner and lots of pie we just enjoyed each others company and watched more football.
We even managed to get the house all decorated for Christmas while everyone was here.

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