Friday, November 20, 2015

November Birthdays

We have a plethora of birthdays in November in the Cooper Family. Let's see we have: Mendis, Cooper, Christina, Ashley, Rees, Terri, Cymoni, and Stacey! I hope I'm not forgetting one. And Rob & Beth's anniversary. Lots of celebrating in November.
 For Mendis' birthday he picked going to the Winn Buffet the night before. We were pretty pumped for the dinner and then when we looked around the buffet was gone? We forgot they were doing renovations and it was still closed. Well we didn't have a back up plan. He was thinking we should just to In & Out. No way this was his birthday. So we braved the lines and the price tag (gasp) and went to the Caesar's Place buffet. They have really improved the desserts so I was thrilled. It was a yummy meal of course and this time we had lots of time even though it was getting late by then. Highly recommend this experience but save up first!!
 Cooper's birthday was fun. It's always so fun watching the grandkids rip into their presents. We got him a light saber kit that created quite a stir.
 Here is Rees enjoying the stack of presents before he opened them. His birthday was actually on Thanksgiving day so that meant Hayden & Megan and Christina could be there which made it extra special. We got him Ninjago legos.

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