Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Boys PlayDay

I had the three grandsons over to play one day since I had it off work. It was a staff development day so even Rees could come over. I made some play dough and downloaded some pages to go with that that I thought were alot of fun. They loved the mini cookie cutters and pizza cutters the best I think. We colored and played with pipe cleaners. We did Marble Works and built a fort in the big BBQ box.
 We had fun making our very own mini pizzas. Don't be alarmed the pizza cutters were cleaned up first!
 Dessert was my favorite. I made blue jello oceans complete with a fish and orange slice sailboat. So cute. I love how they appreciate when I do something cool like that. Makes is worthwhile.
 The pipe cleaner fun was almost as entertaining as there goes a bulldozer.

Those are some busy boys. I had to have alot of tricks up my sleeve to stay a step ahead of them that's for sure. After our play day I had a nice little well deserved nap!

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