Saturday, August 1, 2015

Colonial Williamsburg

 Saturday was the first day of August and our adventures continued... We spent the whole day at Colonial Williamsburg. We headed straight for the gift shop and smashed some pennies and bought some souvenirs and then we got the shuttle into the old town. 
  We started with the Governor's Palace just like last time. 
Well we knew it was the coolest thing and we wanted to make sure we got it in first thing.
Ok, the most hilarious thing happened in the Palace. Check out Christina's shirt and the chairs. Seriously we laughed about this the whole trip. I chuckle every time I think about it still.
Then the check showed up everywhere in there! 
hahaha I told her a good tablecloth check never goes out of style!!
We then went through the gardens and found the maze. It has grown so much in the past 12 years. Probably at least 3 feet or more. We spent the rest of the day exploring Colonial Williamsburg. Sure it was hot but not too bad really. I expected worse.
When we got tired and hungry we headed over to the Trellis for some lunch and their famous 
Death By Chocolate. It's seriously worth dying for and all the calories could probably kill you. When the waitress heard we wanted one each she told us we were crazy so we settled for three to share. I don't know but it's possible we could have handled one each. Well maybe not it was brutal.
After lunch we toured some more and shopped lots looking mostly for stuff for Christina's classroom. 
We had a blast but there was no way we could fit it all in.
We did get to jail though or as they said back then gaol.
Classic jailbird poses!
We got to eat in a tavern for dinner.
Not the big fancy one because of course it was completely booked but we got into one at least.
The menu at Chowning's Tavern for dinner that night.
 After dinner so much was closed we decided to see the museum while we waited for our ghost tour. We were so tired we pretty much drug ourselves around. We enjoyed the furniture but us girls did perk up a ton though when we found the doll houses. It was amazing!!
 Our Fave!!!
 After we pretty much closed the place down we went on a ghost tour through Colonial Williamsburg. It was different. Not my favorite which might always be Charleston, SC. It was still fun though. They had reenactments of ghost stories in a couple of different locations.
 It did prompt some interesting conversations that night.

It was super fun being in the buildings after dark when they are closed though!
That night we went back to our rooms and hung out.. Apparently we may have all gotten a little punchy!
Seriously how am I supposed to pick a favorite picture of the day with stuff like this to choose from!!

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