Friday, July 31, 2015

Monticello and More

We are known for packing alot of stuff into every single vacation day so here we go...Friday we opted to drive almost two hours to the other side of Richmond to Monticello and a few other stops. After all Rachel hadn't ever been there so we were on it.

 Monticello is still just the coolest place. I wish you could take pictures of the inside. We had a great little tour and then checked out the grounds. Christina was a bad influence on Rachel and they were naughty and jumped the chain. luckily we didn't get thrown out hahaha.

 Got have a selfie. Too bad you can't even see the house behind us lol.
 Gotta have scaffolding on a Cooper vacation.
 The garden looked just the same. It is amazing how much they can grow there.
 Two goofballs in the brick reading gazebo. Lots of bugs in there too.
 Jeff pondering life. It was quite the view so not a bad idea.
 Thomas Jefferson's grave.
 Rachel found this in the family cemetery. We about "died" laughing. Ahhh I crack myself up.
 Thomas hangin with Jeffery Thomas and Rachel
 Next we headed over to Ashlawn-Highland which is Monroe's home. It was the first time for all of us to see it. Not as spectacular but we were glad to check it out.

 We stopped at Michie Tavern on the way down the mountain. A famous stop for the locals that had the cutest gift and curio shop. Of course I made a bee line for the penny smashing machine (thanks again Karla) and Mendis and I enjoyed shopping and looking around while the kids hung out in the van.
 We had just gotten back on the freeway headed back and we decided we need to check out the University of Virginia because Thomas Jefferson had founded it and laid it all out and everything. It was really a cool campus.

Lots of red brick and for some reason I didn't take a single picture so I got these online. Lame. It was an enormous campus. We drove all around it and then got back on the road after our detour and headed back to Williamsburg. We got back in time to have pizza delivered. Very convenient and very pricey.
After dinner we played some nertz and relaxed.

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