Thursday, July 30, 2015

Washington DC/Williamsburg Trip

YAY time for our summer vacation! Christina arrived from Provo just before I got home from work (on a dreaded Wednesday late night) and we loaded up and headed to Vegas for the night. Our flight was leaving at 6:30 am so spending the night one hour closer was going to help even if it was just a little bit.
There's still something unappealing about going to the airport in the pitch dark at 4:30 but we were off! We got to watch the sunrise from the gate of the airport. Christina and I shared a breakfast sandwich and then we were off.
 Southwest was good to us because we had enough points to go without it costing us $$$. 
For once. This is the free flights smile.
So this is more or less the view of Chicago I told Christina we were going to see (like the last trip). Even more dramatic actually than this...
The view we got wasn't even this cool!! 
 But we did stop at Nuts on Clark and load up on Chicago Mix popcorn. To DIE for, seriously.
Gotta be Chicago mix...1/2 caramel 1/2 cheese sounds gross but so fabulous.
So the whole day went by and we finally arrived at Reagan Airport. You can just see the Pentagon in the distance. We hit the ground running and then waited for ever for our luggage which finally arrived. We slogged through the multitudes of travelers, walked a couple miles and finally got to our rental car. They gave us a Flex instead of the minivan we reserved but it worked out after we finally figured out how to put the back seat down. We are technical geniuses. We headed straight over to Jeff & Rachel's apartment and picked up Jeff after a grand tour of their apartment. Then we thought we would get some groceries for the condo while we waited for Rachel to get home from work. She beat us by a mile. We grabbed Rachel and headed off to Williamsburg!
Of course we didn't completely miss rush hour traffic but it wasn't too bad. We thought we would quickly exit the packed freeway and grab some Chic Fila but we couldn't find the place even with GPS so we went to Qdoba which was fab. We hit some construction about 1/2 hour from Williamsburg and the GPS suggested a quicker bueno. We completely circled a lake in the dark and finally rolled into Ford's Colony about 11 pm. So much for our plans for an easy, early trip down!

Christina shot a funny little video of our condo so I am putting it in. Our home away from home.

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