Saturday, July 18, 2015


 We snagged the boys and went to the movies one afternoon. Ashley wanted to come too so that worked out perfectly because we had wanted to take Dane too and we couldn't fit all the boys in our car. So we took Rees & Cooper and met them at the theater. We loaded up on treats before the movie of course. The hilarious thing was Dane was beside me and I was watching him so into the movie he hardly ate his popcorn. Then he would go in spurts and eat a bunch. It was so funny to watch. He was so intent on watching the movie he didn't even notice he was slowly getting folded up in the chair because he is so light. So I kept my foot on it so he didn't get swallowed up completely.

After the movie we took Rees & Cooper to McDonald's for dinner and play time. We were so surprised they were actually hungry enough to eat anything after the movie!

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