Friday, August 7, 2015

Aug 7th (Part 1)

This was an action packed day! I may have to do two posts to fit it all in. We got up at the crack of dawn. Us and Jeff & Rachel too so we could go on a tour of the White House. Jeff didn't have his drivers license with him so he couldn't get in. Here's a pic of him waiting outside the fence for us.
We missed him :(
This tour was after the announcement that we could take pictures inside so we got right on that.
The tour took us about an hour and a half so Jeff got pretty bored waiting but he did good. After the White House Jeff and Rachel went to work and we decided to do some of the Smithsonian. We went to the American history museum which was so fun. It's always interesting to see what they have on display and it's hard to take all the snippets in sometimes.
Mary Lincoln's gown and silver
 Just a few highlights. We did the First Ladies display of their inaugural gowns. 
I love seeing this and never get tired of this one.
Mrs Bush, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton's dresses
 White House silver
 This is the filing cabinet from Watergate. They didn't make it obvious there was a break in at all, wow.
George Washington's uniform
This was Lincoln's top that he was wearing when he was shot.
Part of the Berlin Wall
There was so much to see and we only had a couple for hours so we ran around and each did our own thing. Then we met up with Jeff & Rachel for lunch at Union Square at the Shake Shack. We enjoyed a fabulous lunch and we all said our farewells to Mendis since it was time for him to catch his flight home.

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