Monday, August 3, 2015

The Long Way Home

Sunday we went to church and then came home and made a fabulous spaghetti dinner. We were missing a few things but it was so good. Jeff & Rachel and I took a long walk through Ford's Colony. There were some beautiful homes back in there by the golf courses and it was so pretty in the trees. We just hung out and played games and relaxed the night away.
Jeff and Rachel had train tickets to return to DC on Monday but we decided it would be more fun and cheaper for them if we just took them home. Of course that meant we would be taking the scenic route. Why go the same ol' way. I had been over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel when I was a teenager and wanted to see it again. We went in a complete circle. Up through the bridge/tunnel and up the small strip of land to Delaware. We went through Delaware and over to Annapolis. Did some touring there and then took Rachel & Jeff home. Then we just drove back down to Williamsburg making it a complete circle and a pretty long but fun day.
 The bridge/tunnel is 23 miles long and is a series of bridges and two long tunnels crossing the Chesapeake Bay. We enjoyed the drive over the water and I was super glad the bridges are pretty close to the water not way up in the air. I hate that.
 You can see how flat and undeveloped the peninsula is.The drive up through there wasn't very exciting because nothing changed much. Lots of little seafood restaurants along the way. We decided to go through Delaware so we could all cross that off our list.
It was fun to drive through this town of Delmar. I took this picture so I could send it to Joan Leatham!
Delaware was just filled with fields of fruits and veggies and was just beautiful. There were stands all along the roadway but we didn't stop. Ahhhh regrets.
 We crossed over another gnarly bridge to get to Annapolis.
 This was huge and frankly alot scarier than Chesapeake Bay.
 Finally we pulled into Annapolis. It was such a charming town. We just loved it. We parked and walked all over it. There were quite a few homes from the founding fathers and just alot of history there.
 The view was amazing because the harbor was just right there.
 Such a scenic little town. With the cutest little shops to explore. We wished we had gotten there earlier because alot of them closed by 5pm.
 Thomas Jefferson called this the most beautiful door in America. Got to put a beautiful girl in front of it right.
Jeff helping Rachel by giving her a boost up to see the gardens at yet another historical home.
After we walked all around we got some much appreciated ice cream and headed back down to DC. We braved the traffic and dropped them off at home before heading back down some more to Williamsburg. We grabbed some dinner on the way and made much better time than the first time for sure.

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