Monday, August 10, 2015

Winding down

Sunday was our last full day in Washington DC. The trip was winding down but we had so much to cram in yet! We were doing good packing everything in so we had to finish up. We spent the morning at the Holocaust Museum.

It's always such a solemn place to remember the events that happened but an important place to visit. It was still pretty crowded so it took us about 3 hours to see it. We missed Rachel who had to be visit taught that morning but we made it back just in time to get her and head to church. It's always fun to go to someone elses ward and see how things are done there. They have tons of singles in their ward but evidently they hold their own Sunday school in the hall haha. After dinner at Jeff & Rachel's we changed and went back down town to see the monuments at twilight and dark.
 So pretty...the perfect time of the day!
 The Vietnam Wall
Our last  selfie of the trip :(

 The Lincoln Memorial is always so impressive but in the evening it is incredible. It may be my favorite.

 The spot where Martin Luther King gave his speech is marked.

 I love the World War Two Memorial. The quotes engraved all the way around it are incredible.
 We logged lots of steps in to day too but I think we got everything in pretty much. We saved Ford's Theater for next time but other than that I think we gave Christina the GRAND tour of DC.

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