Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Jamestown/Yorktown Day

 We started off our last day in Williamsburg at Astronomical Pancakes! Mendis got this hot tip from a DC lawyer he knows. They are huge but honestly not my fave.It tastes like there is cake mix or something in the batter. Whatever it is I'm not a fan. The berries were great so I got through those of course and about a 1/4 of teh pancake stack. Yup it was a stack of two. Everyone else loved breakfast so we will be going back should we return here someday.
 We decided since it had been 12 years we should redo Jamestown and Yorktown today. Just refresh our memories and see the sites again because they are incredible. My first thoughts of Jamestown in what a swamp. How on earth did those poor people survive this. It is so hot and humid there. All the water looks brackish and unfit for drinking or using for anything. Those poor people who tried to settle this place.
 The long walking bridge out to the original site of the fort.

 It's always a thrill to imagine Pohcahontas there. She is my 11th great grandmother so its makes being there extra special.

 I smashed some pennies and we headed right on over to Yorktown. 

 There is such a feeling there. It just brings to life the how grateful we should all be to those men that fought for this country and formed our nation for us.

Christina reenacting the moment 12 years ago when a bird flew out of the cannon into Hayden's face and scared the daylights out of him. She tried but it just wasn't the same.

 We had some lunch at...yup the Trellis.Just had to have that Death by Chocolate one more time!

Yup, It was still amazing.

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