Thursday, August 6, 2015

Back to Washington/Georgetown

 Today we drove up back up to Washington (luckily we had unlimited miles) and did a session at the Temple. I have wanted to do a session there since I was a teenager since that was my Temple while we lived in Charleston and Toronto and even Nova Scotia. It is laid out very differently so finding the dressing rooms was even tricky. Christina waited for us outside and toured the visitor's center etc while she waited.
 They have a cool cut away model there now so you can see what the inside of the Temple looks like.
 After we checked into our hotel and returned the rental car we met up with Jeff and Rachel. We took our first ever Uber ride to get to Georgetown Cupcakes since we had until almost 9pm for our dinner reservations at Founding Farmers that we had made over a week ago!!
We're cool Uber riders now!
 The line at Georgetown Cupcakes was a little daunting but it only took about 1/2 hour to get inside...Soooooooo worth it.
 Yup the anticipation was incredible...

  Best cupcake display I have ever seen and smelled in my life. Choosing was impossible!
 Okay so I got a little carried away with the pictures. I loved even the pink bedazzled mixer!!
 The Score. 
We each picked two and shared two red velvet ones. We ate one there and saved the rest. Yup I was the only one who picked salted caramel not peanut butter/chocolate. What can I say. It was great.
 Then we walked or waddled all the way down to dinner.
 It was quite a hike so that helped wear off our cupcakes.
 We had just enough time to check out George Washington University Law School.
 Jeff's Metro Station!!
 What a super fun day.

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