Friday, August 7, 2015

Aug 7 (Part 2)

After we said our goodbyes to Mendis after lunch at Shake Shack,Christina and I got down to some serious sight seeing. We walked over to the Supreme Court Building and took a little self guided tour. I had taken the tour and didn't find it all that critical.So here are the Supreme Court Chambers and this is as far as you can go and still take a picture.
The cool ceiling at the Supreme Court
After we walked all around through the building we headed over to Rachel's office for our Capital Tour. We had about an hour wait while her co-worker got back to lunch so we could go but honestly we welcomed the rest. We were pretty beat by then and we knew we had tons more to go. We took the fun little subway over again which is one of my favorite things about the tour:
 Taking the Senate Subway is the best!

 We got the same tour I had almost but the Rotundra was closed for the renovations which was a bummer. But with Rachel's credentials we discovered we could go into a whole new wing we had never been in before! So cool!!

The Senate Appropriations room!

Restoration in progress

 It was so cool being back there and as you can see not very many people got to go back there.
 After we finished up there the three of us went to the Library of Congress so Christina could see that.
It's so beautiful there.

 The Reading time I am going to get in there with my super cool Library of Congress card!
 We all toured Jefferson's library in our own way!

 Rachel and Christina trying to imitate the wallpaper scenes was pretty hilarious.
It's lucky we didn't get thrown out.
They had opened a room that was closed previously too so that was cool to see. After we finished there we hopped the Metro or maybe crawled is a better description and went to Crystal City to meet up with Jeff for dinner. We thought it would be great to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and relax. Clearly we weren't thinking clearly. Our waiter was SOOOOO bad. He was pretty rude and our food took an eternity. Luckily we got out of there without actually killing anyone so I felt pretty good about that. We felt like we deserved a reward after that so we went to Cold Stone too.

I feel like I have to prove how hard I worked that day!

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