Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 9 On the Train to Denali

 After about a 1/2 hour wait in the Explorer's Lounge it was our turn to disembark. For those of you who haven't cruised before it's pretty orderly...there's no just get off and go thing. So our group got off and headed straight to the train that was waiting right there at the dock for us!

Farewell to the Island Princess
Everyone in Alaska has a bush plane. One neighborhood turned their adjoining backyards into a landing strip!

 The view from the train was pretty cool. This was a tidal bay on the way to Anchorage.

Trumpet swans and a beaver lodge

We were on the train all day until about 6:30 or so. You sit 4 to a table and we were at table 12. I was glad we had assigned seats so we didn't have to push or shove on our way on to the dome cars. They had Libby Riddles come onboard and do a presentation about the Iditarod. She was the 1st woman to win it. The scenery was just beautiful all the way to Denali. We went through Hurricane gulch where the winds got so bad it knocked 3 men over to their death while they were putting in the bridge there. 
 This was our first Princess lodge. It was beautiful. They pretty much have a whole compound there with shops and restaurants so you never have to leave the property of course.
 I had such good fish and chips that I had the same thing two nights in a row!

This was at about 9pm on the terrace at the restaurant. It was a fun but long and tiring day since we had been up since sixish.

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