Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 4 Ketchikan

We were so excited for our first day in Alaska. We arrived in Ketchikan early, before 6am, and Mendis and Jeff were off first thing to go salmon fishing. They had a fabulous time and caught 3 fish each which was really good. The salmon season was just barely getting started. 

They were out there at least 4 hours and had a blast. They saw whales, porpoises, eagles, and maybe even an orca (they weren't sure).

Shelie and I took our time and had breakfast in the dining room and everything then we were off to go explore. We were looking for a duck tour to take but the times were off with what we wanted and it worked out to go off on our own anyway. We walked and walked and walked.
Creek Street. The old restored district that had it's hay day during the gold rush.
The "Married man's trail" or back way into the brothels at Creek Street

Killer stairs back there by married man's trail.
This is what we found at the top of the stairs.
Come to find out when we got to the top we could have taken this venicular for $2 instead!!

More Creek Street. Of course the mint green building was Dolly's place the most popular brothel!
So Shelie and I did some shopping after being tourists. Then we thought it would be fun to wait for the guys at the dock when they returned from fishing. We waited and waited. We waited for more than an hour then thought we better get back onboard because the ship was leaving at 1:30 sharp. Just when we thought they would be flying them to Juneau to meet us they arrived back. Just in time to grab lunch while we set sail again.
The view from the ship was constantly changing.
 We had a fun afternoon lounging around. Luckily we woke up in time for dinner.This was our night to celebrate our anniversary.

We took our cake back to our room and it took the rest of the cruise to eat it all. It was so yummy.
 That evening they decorated our door with this sign and balloons. Princess was awesome!! The next day they moved our sign and balloons inside our room to enjoy. It was a nice touch. That night we decided to play some cards with the four of us so we searched for an open place. The card room was blocked off with some sort of red carpet private reception that oddly enough we weren't invited to?
We settled for the atrium. We had alot of fun listening to the accordian player and violinst play Hotel California while we played. It was actually kinda good...who knew!

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