Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 2 Bon Voyage

So our day started pretty great with a lovely cooked breakfast at the more crowded breakfast area in a hotel I think I have ever seen. We almost had to eat outside since there was just no room but at the last minute a spot opened up. So we shuttled back to the airport and headed for the Princess counter.
Of course we stopped for a quick airport picture on the way. It's a good thing it didn't take too long because we were the very last 4 people on the shuttle. Because the bus was already full we got to sit in the 2 front seats which was awesome because we got the bet view out of the front of the bus. Our driver gave us a fabulous tour on the 50 minutes or so it took to get us to the dock. We drove right through downtown which is gorgeous. Checking in was pretty slick and easy and before we knew it we were headed to the ship....finally after 10 months of waiting.

The view from our balcony!
Princess upgraded us to a balcony room for FREE! Yes we were pretty excited about that since we paid for a inside room. The room had so much more space and the view was incredible.

We did what anyone would do after getting on board...headed to the buffet. It was pretty crowded since everyone had the same idea. A great way to start. We sat with a couple from Arkansas for lunch and got to know them a little. I mention this because we ended up seeing them alot during the cruise and the land tour. In fact they were the last people we saw as we were catching the shuttle to the airport on the way home.
We looked around the ship a bit too and got settled in. Then quietly with no fanfare at all we noticed we were on the way. Luckily we were on our balcony to see it!
The view of the harbor on the way out was so fun! We had a lovely "Sail Away" dinner that night in the dining room and watched then our first performance that night in the theater. Oh yes and the deal of the century for us...we bought a drink card that was all you can drink soda, hot chocolate AND non alcoholic drinks! We got our moneys worth on that for sure.

It was smooth sailing all the way into the inside passage:

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