Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 5 Juneau

 I have tons of pictures of Juneau so this will be hard to decide what to share. We started off with the Jensens on a tour to the Mendenhall glacier. It was a short bus trip out there and we only had about an hour to see it all so we hustled out there. There was a nice trail that went all the way out to the falls.
 This was the first bunch of little icebergs (Growlers) we saw in the water. They weren't really all that small.

It was hard to pick just a few pictures to share.
After the glacier they took us to a salmon hatchery. It was really interesting to see it up close. It was on must see list too. Salmon spawning season had just started so it was neat to see them all coming back.
 This was the salmon ladder they had to jump up. It takes them any where from 2 days to 2 weeks to get all the way up. They make them do it because it helps them strip the fat off and its part of the spawning process.
 Those fish could sure jump!
This was the goal after all that jumping.
After the visit to the salmon hatchery we went to a salmon bake. We had heard that was a must do. It was a little chilly outside but with the hot chocolate to drink it was perfect. It was an awesome meal. They had a sweet glaze to put over the grilled salmon that was super good.

After lunch we split up and the Jensens did a tram ride.
They had a great view from on top of the mountain.

We had a float plane trip reserved for the afternoon. The weather was getting iffy and they had cancelled alot of the morning flights so we had a 45 minute delay while we waited for the all clear. That really got my nerves going for sure since I don't love flying to start with.

Finally we were good to go. I had to sit in the back right beside the door because my legs were too long on the side to fit comfortably. That left me nothing to grab onto because I was terrified I might grab the door handle by mistake. It was a pretty rough ride at times...also nerve racking for me. After all that I have to say it was the coolest thing ever and I am so glad we did it. The views were incredible as we flew over 5 glaciers!
 Ready to go!

Pictures will never do it justice but it gives you kind of an idea of how beautiful it was. I have to admit though I was happy to land too. Landing on water was pretty fun too! Yup I would definitely do it again.
So back on the ship we had a nice dinner of course and went to a show. The 8pm comedian, Kevin Hughes, was full in 2 seconds so we played some cards and waited for the second show at 10pm. They had to close the curtains in the lounge to make it dark even at 10pm. I was wishing we could sleep in the next day at this point but nope we had Skagway coming.

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