Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 6 Skagway

The cruise into Skagway was incredible. The mountains are so steep there and beautiful. Because they are so steep we could cruise close to the shore because it gets deep really fast. This made it even more dramatic to sail through the fjord to Skagway. Our first fun of the day was the narrow gauge railway ride. It is an old restored train that takes you up into the mountains and on into the Yukon. It was very pretty even with all the creaks and groans of the train. The cliffs were narrow and steep and I was just sure if we all rushed over to the same side at once to see the view we would go crashing over the edge!

You can just see the ocean behind us 16 miles away and a long way down! 
 This is the trail that all the prospectors took during the gold rush. You could still see it easily.

 This is the Yukon up at the top of the pass!

The border
How is this for a rickety old bridge
Well the train was a fun trip indeed but I have to say it was a happy thing to get off too because it made me nervous at times. That afternoon we had lunch on the ship and then decided to walk into town and do some shopping and look around some more.
 The town of Skagway was pretty cool. There were several blocks of restored old buildings that were not all for shopping. SOme of the shopping was a little annoying though I will admit. Lots of jewelery stores that were obviously owned by various cruise lines hawking everything under the sun. I really wanted some "northern lights" topaz so I got some pretty earrings for me and some studs for all three of my girls at home.

Mendis was just sure I needed this fur bikini. Wow

Love the snow plow on the front of this train. Apparently they had snow deep enough a couple of years ago that this wouldn't even work to get through the pass.

 The cruise out that night was incredible so after dinner we headed outside with the Jensens to take it all in. This was about 9pm that night.
Our only regret was we didn't know that there was a ward in Skagway and they gave info on attending just that morning. Had we known before we bought the excursion we would have loved to have gone to it. Well now we know.

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