Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 3 Sea Day

Today was a leisurely day at sea. I didn't know how much I would come to enjoy those. It was nice to sleep in a bit then have a yummy breakfast and lunch. We spent lots of time looking at the ocean because since we were in the inside passage it was constantly changing. After lunch I had a pedicure which was awesome. Sometimes it was hard because my feet are incredibly ticklish so I don't get many of those ever. We met up with the Jensens and crossed our fingers that they would win a prize from their treasure hunt. You had to get a stamp from 9 different places on board and then they drew the papers out for prizes. We didn't enter but they did but they didn't win anything. We figured if they did it would have been a bottle of wine or something anyway.

That evening it got really foggy. It was so cool. They kept blowing the fog horn and everything. I LOVED it except for worrying that we might run into someone else of course.

That night was formal night at dinner:
Yummy little dessert!

 It was Jeff's special day for his birthday so they brought him a fabulous cake and sang to him. They put a sign on his door and balloons and everything. I thought it was pretty cool. 

It took days to eat it all.

After our yummy dinner we got our portraits taken. Not a fan of pictures but they all turned out really nice so we got these two to keep for a small fortune.

After dinner and pictures we went to the show. This one was called "Do You Wanna Dance" and was music and dance through the years. It was probably my favorite one. Then after the show we went to the Explorers Lounge and listened to a band called Soul Provider and watched people dance. That was more fun than it sounds actually. Some of those old folks can really cut a rug out there. After the music they had a trivia game that we were waiting for. It was TV Tunes. Well heck guess who won? We did. We got 19 out of 20 TV theme songs right. So what does that say about us really? The only one we got wrong was the theme from the Bionic Woman and who can blame us on that. So guess what our fabulous prize was...ready for it...a carabeaner. Yup we didn't even get the pen. It was obviously just for the fun of it all and we really did have a great time. A lovely day!

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Jolynn said...

Well I am starting to feel very jealous that we missed out on this one! It looks so fun. I'm glad you guys got to go though, and that everything went smooth.....even your flight hahaha!