Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 1 of North to Alaska!!

I think it's time to start sharing our trip with you guys. We have about 1100 pictures to sift through plus all the pictures from the Jensens too so I am going to do this day by day again. That seems to help keep me organized in my thoughts. I committed the grave error of not keeping a trip journal this time!! So Shelie when I write something that's just plain wrong correct me will you so I can be somewhat accurate.

Our flight from Vegas to Vancouver was actually Tuesday July 17 in the early evening so I took the day off to finish up packing and any errands I would need to finish. Even with just two people it takes a huge effort sometimes to get out of here. I like to come home to a somewhat clean house and I insist on clean sheets to return to after a cool trip so that stuff takes time. I didn't get the house perfectly clean because I figure why dust and stuff when in 2 weeks it will be right back with more but I am so glad I left the day open. The packing didn't go as smoothly as I hoped. I was apparently taking too much crap basically. Even though I was pretty organized I planned on changing way more than we actually did. I also thought it was going to be dressier than it was too so lesson learned for next time ha ha ha ha.

The Jensens came with their pick up so all our luggage would fit and off we went to Vegas. We picked up Kyle Jensen in Henderson who dropped us off and kept the truck. I had looked online when I checked on our flight and verified that we flew out of terminal 2....WRONG. They had no terminal 2 anymore and we had to drag all our stuff over to the new terminal 3. Darn it Kyle was long gone by this time. So after we finally got there we got checked in and ready to go.

It was so fun that Ashley came to see us off with Rees and Cooper! Rees wanted to come with us and couldn't understand why everyone gets to go to Alaska but him. She tried to meet us in terminal 2 also and we all trekked over together. I am so bummed that I didn't think to get a picture of our little bon voyage team. Anyone who really knows me also knows I don't like flying so I was happy to get going and just get there. So that means we got stuck waiting for our plane to come in for an extra 1/2 hour. But it all went well and we arrived safe and sound and problem free.
OOpps its blurry! If I would have had my glasses on I would have noticed that huh.

The Jensens enjoying the flight.

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