Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Welcome Shayla!

Finally it was time for Ashley to bring this new baby into the world. We were all pretty excited about this new addition. She "got to be" induced again so while that may not be as exciting it sure made life easier for the rest of us to schedule everything. So Monday Ashley & Benjy went to the hospital first thing while I came over to stay with the kids. After not hearing much of anything during the day and into the night I was starting to fret. I guess the laborist and her Dr were butting heads over her orders so she sat around not doing much of anything all day long!!Meanwhile...

 I was busy on the home front keeping the boys busy. How does Ashley do this everyday! I was pooped lol.
 So finally at about 3 in the morning the baby was born! Feb 9 by this time. 3:20 to be exact. 9lbs 2 oz. and 19 inches long. Introducing Shayla Christina Comeau:

 She was born with low glucose levels so they kept them both through the night and then 24 hours later.
 One afternoon we had Grandpa's baseball camp. It was going great until Cooper got hit in the nose with a ball and got a bloody nose. To his credit he got cleaned up and headed back in for more.

 So I entertained some more. We built forts, did the laundry, tried to keep the house clean, watched lots of mighty machines on Netflix and had naps and snacks.
 We spent some time at my house so I could shower. The boys watched There Goes a Bulldozer.
Then we played with trucks outside of course.
 We played playdough. Homemade I might add!! We did puzzles and stickers. I even introduced them to paint with water, a childhood fave.
Finally after just skyping with Mom & Dad and looking at adorable pictures of their new sister baby Shay was home to meet her brothers.
 Meeting her was just so fun. What a precious little girl.

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