Saturday, February 13, 2016

New Orleans

We had a quick trip in February to New Orleans. We were both pretty excited about it because it was someplace we had never been before, even me! We arrived just after Mardi Gras ended thank goodness. Heavens knows we would not have loved that after just 10 minutes on Bourbon St. While I had a blast running around with Karla everyday and visiting with sales people every night at dinner Mendis spent every single minute at meetings. Even dinners were business meetings for him so he barely got to see much of anything. So I felt like I had to make up for it apparently. 
 It was an amazing city and not what I expected. The view from our room took in the warehouse district.
 Coming in to the city you can see how all the highways are elevating to protect from flooding. 
Yup there's the Superdome.
 Lots of interesting art but I especially enjoyed the big billboard.
As soon as we got settled we went down the street for dinner. We had heard this was the place to eat so we thought we'd try it.

 Lots of people but the atmosphere was interesting for sure. Best advice I can give anyone is just go with it. It's not clean, at all so keep your eyes on the horizon and ignore the floor. The food was good but like everything else in the city very over priced. I had the famous burnt ends poboy and it was really yummy. We had to try the red beans and dirty rice to see what all the fuss was about. It was tasty but not to die for. Lacked seasoning and not spicy like we expected. That's always a plus for me though. In fact none of the Cajun food was too spicy at all.
After dinner we walked to the French Quarter to check it out.
 It really was beautiful with all the old buildings and the wrought iron work. 
I really loved it especially at twilight.
 It didn't take us long to find the world famous Cafe Du Monde known for their chicory coffee and beignets! We waited in line about an hour to get some beignets. They were so good but I thought they tasted alot like a funnel cake. Not that that's a bad thing.
I discovered another place a couple days later thanks to a hot tip by another spouse and it was absolutely phenomenal. Cafe Du Monde is a must try but then you MUST move on practically across the street to this little hidden gem.
 Now these beignets were incredible. So light ans flaky and unique. I have forever been ruined for beignets!
I took this picture so I can find this place again. Even the cross streets. Besides Nadine and Will were coming the following week and they had to know about this place for sure. 

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