Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Air Boats Etc

What a fun day this was! I have always wanted to take an air boat ride ever since the show Gentle Ben lol. Karla and I did a swamp tour today and I finally got that bucket list thing checked off.
 First things first though I had to get the touristy picture!
 The swamp tour was just so fun. It was the first warm sunny day they had for the season so we lucked out and saw wildlife like crazy out sunning themselves. They told us we wouldn't see anything but wow it was amazing! Even alligators were out everywhere. We say turtles and snakes and all kinds of critters.
 Not gonna lie, this was a little creepy!

 The swamp was so beautiful though and I would recommend the tour to anyone. 
The smaller 6 person air boat was the way to go too. After we got back from the tour I had some time in the afternoon to go shopping for that dress for Shay.
 What a treat this store was. I was in there forever taking pictures and sending them to Ashley. She needed to have final say. When it came down to it I picked the dress with her wish list because the service was terrible and she wasn't getting all the pictures.

 I seriously was in heaven and wanted to spend hundreds of dollars and somehow I managed to control myself. I'm not sure how. Maybe I deluded myself into thinking I would get back there someday!
So here was the dress I picked. The lace was made in 1984 which was the year Ashley was born so how cool was that. The dress is hand done and was just sewn up that very day! It had a full slip underneath. Exquisite.
 So I spent a bit more time walking around the shops. There was this cool antique gun shop, gas lantern shops, antiques, you name it.
 Loved this private little garden.
Even the doors were interesting.
  We went to GW Fins for dinner and it was incredible. The best part is salesmen from Canada took us so they paid for it and we got to hang with some Canadians.
After dinner we went on a carriage ride through the French Quarter. It was so fun.
 We saw lots of interesting things like this old old tavern that is still lit with candles only today. Very cool.

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