Thursday, February 18, 2016

Best Lunch Ever!

We've done some fun stuff over the years and alot of it involves food! We had heard from absolutely everyone in New Orleans that THE best restaurant was the Commander's Palace. I made reservations but the only time available was lunch...we grabbed it!
 Mike & Karla and us hoped on a trolley so we could get down to the garden district. It was just a short walk to the restaurant. We had passed by it on our walking tour and our guide said that's the place she wanted to have her last meal.
 It looks pretty garish from the outside for sure. When we walked in it most certainly was not. I wish I had been brave enough to take pictures on the way in. We had to walk by a line of servers that all welcomed us and made us feel like royalty. Our table was up on the second floor so we got the grand tour on the way up.
 Even the menu looked interesting.  
Our waiter was a little shocked that none of us wanted the 25 cent martini though.
 My yummy salad.
 And my yummy entree!
 I had to try their famous strawberry shortcake for sure. The food was good. But the service was incredible! The staff was right there after pretty much every couple of sips from our drinks to refill our glasses. After a couple of refills of water they completely took the glasses away and got us fresh glasses. Like ice dilutes water!! They just waited on us constantly. It was amazing.
After our fabulous lunch we trollied back and got a cab at the hotel and headed for the airport. It was time to go home. I think Mendis was happier than me about that because every minute of everyday was work for him. Even dinner. So we headed home with a vow to return someday so he can see what he missed. I think he would have loved it all. I know I sure did.

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